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Shop Class

My grandfather died almost a year ago. It’s been a hard year, good and bad, but I’ve been busy and it’s gone by quickly. It’s been a year since I started this post — I promised to post some thoughts … Continue reading

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Fall and Winter 2011

Yes, I’m a terrible blogger. Haven’t posed anything in a year. I’ve actually had some posts in mind, and even half-written, just haven’t managed to get them finished and posted.But first, let me catch you up on the past year. … Continue reading

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On selling

This weekend (Dec 11-13) is the second half of Thurman Street Studios’ holiday open studio and sale. The first weekend went pretty well–lots of visitors, including visits from friends I hadn’t seen for a while. I sold some pieces, which … Continue reading


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What do you think?

I’m really interested to hear what other artists (and non-artists too) think about this: The following has happened a couple of times in the last few months. I’ve taken pictures while hanging out with other people. Because I know that … Continue reading

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Why Volvox?

On my website, I talk a little about Volvox aureus, and why I named the site after these colonial microorganisms, but this morning in the shower (where I do all my best thinking), I was giving it more thought. Decided … Continue reading

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