February is my favorite month.  In Oregon, it’s the beginning of early Spring.  Trees start to bloom, crocus and daffodils start poking up.  We usually get a week or so of beautiful, sunny weather.

Winters are hard here. Not physically — it rarely snows and only occasionally gets below freezing — but emotionally.  Between the clouds and the short days, we sometimes go weeks without seeing the sun.  In December and January, I leave the house in the dark, leave work in the dark, and often it’s too drizzly out to bother leaving the office at noon.   It starts to feel like winter will never end.

Then February arrives, and we get a week of glorious sunshine! People lace up their hiking boots and jump on their bikes. We brave the muddy forest trails and the cold that makes my nose run like a fountain. We take pictures of blooming things and post them to our facebook pages and blogs.

February is the real beginning of the year.  It’s time to start coming back to life. Time for spring cleaning and starting new projects.  Time for inspiration and list-making and big ideas that may or may not ever see the light of day.

Then March comes, with more rain, and it feels like January all over again, except that the days are a little longer and the rain a little less cold.


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