Bread and Soup

So I told you that it’s spring, things are looking up, and I have some firings coming up. But I didn’t tell you what I’m working on! Well, during the fall I started some figurative/sculptural pieces about relationships. Remember the “community” bottles from 2009? (Here’s a reminder if you don’t). These new pieces come from a similar place, but they’re less abstract. During Portland Open Studios, a family came to the studio saying that they’d been debating whether my footed pots were male or female. I gave them a wishy-washy answer, but was pleased that my pots got them talking. Later that week, I told a friend about the conversation. He said something about not worrying about it unless I made pairs. That got me thinking. The next weekend I started what would become a series of pots about body language and the interactions between people. Two pairs are finished, two are waiting to be wood fired, and I have ideas for a few more. I hope to eventually display them together, either at the studio or elsewhere. Still ambiguously gender-neutral.

This spring my inspiration is taking me in a different direction entirely. I’ve been really inspired by food this month. Maybe you read the Winter 2010/11 issue of Studio Potter on Sustenance? Many articles are about the added value of serving food out of hand-made pots. One, specifically about bread, reminded me of a big hand-thrown bowl that my mom always uses when making bread. I’m hungry for home-made bread just thinking about it. I’ve baked four loaves of bread since reading the article. Still trying to find the perfect recipe, but the last one (rosemary olive, with half whole wheat flour) was pretty darn good.

Maybe it’s the articles, the approach of Spring, or something else entirely, but I’ve been hungry for home-cooked food lately. Veggie soup, roasted potatoes, bread, quiche, lemon curd. I’ve been making functional work–tall mixing bowls, wide serving bowls, soup bowls. My mom’s big bread bowl is v-shaped and heavy with big, soft throwing rings. The bowls I’ve been throwing are more rounded but have similar throwing rings. I also like big, round feet on my bowls, to give them some visual lift, and something to grip while mixing and washing. Humm, think I’ll go bake some bread…

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