Upcoming firings

I’m currently preparing for two firings. One is at Mt Hood CC with Chris Baskin. It will be a soda fire workshop. I know nothing about salt/soda firing except that when you put in the soda it creates a lot of stinky smoke, and the pieces come out absolutely gorgeous. I would say I’m helping organize the workshop, but really I just nagged Chris until he agreed to do it. I hope enough people sign up to make it happen!

The second is the one I’m really excited about. Jay Widmer‘s anagama at Digger Mountain. I’m creating lots of work for this firing–so far mostly teapots, but this weekend I’m going to start throwing some larger pieces for some variety. I’m hand building a few very large pieces, but might save them for a firing at MHCC in July. Richard Brandt is planning a reduction cooled firing of their nanagama, which will be perfect for the darker clays I’m using for much of the hand-built work.

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