New Studio!

Seems like so long ago that I was moving into Thurman Street Studios.  I’m sad to be moving out, but the new studio is so big and so close to home that I know it’s the right decision.

The new studio is in Cathedral Park Place (next to the St Johns Bridge). We’re having an open studio event on Saturday, December 3.  I’m excited to show off the new space, and to meet my new neighbors.  But for those of you who have been asking for pictures right away, here are a few.  I’m still getting everything re-organized and put away–more pictures when it’s done!  Forgive the poor photo quality–my phone’s camera is not the best.

The front door — you can see the finished-work shelves to the left and the big pile of stuff to the right!

The finished-work shelves from the front.  You probably recognize a few pieces from my last show, but most of these pots are from my last firing at Hiroshi Ogawa’s kiln in Elkton.

My pots-in-progress shelves.  And, to the left, my photo setup.  I have room to have it up all the time — that means more photos of new work!

Wheel, work bench and utility cart.  These are on the wall opposite the photo setup.  Still piles of boxes everywhere, but at least the big furniture is approximately where I want it to be.

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